There has been some glitches with GTalk mode in the pas few days. This appears to have been GTalk server problems that have been resolved. GTalk mode now has been tested working. Skype mode was not affected.


Upped GTalk mode speed limit.


As we announced in the 3/11/09 update, we have put in place network policies to reject traffic from non-China IPs in our regular transport mode. However, as of today, the skype transport mode gateways are still accepting requests from all clients. The skype gateways are seeing a lot more traffic than before, which has given us increased pressure on upgrading hardware and bandwidth.


We have received many requests from non-China users, especially users from Iran, asking us to continue to offer the anti-censorship service to those areas. In order to help these users, we are considering a paid service model to offset some of our operational cost. Those we are interested in continuing to use our service for a minimum fee, please contact us at (replace # with @) to purchase a usage token to continue using our software. The skype transport gateway servers, and gateway servers for the new transport that we will be announcing soon, will be upgraded to support paying users.


Due to financial constraints, we are sad to announce that we will soon discontinue services to requests that are not originated from mainland China. We will put in place firewall and server policies that will reject non-China client IPs.


We have offered free services for the benefit of our users since the year of 2001. Given the economy situation, we have to make necessary adjustments to our resource allocation.


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